Why raising self-awareness?

Nobody’s perfect. Self-awareness supports leaders understand what they bring to their role.

By becoming more self-aware, leaders recognise their strengths, weaknesses and hidden biases. These leaders gain trust of their team members ánd increase their own credibility. In addition to supporting leaders develop professionally, self-awareness helps them to improve the performance of the team and the organisation. Consequently they have a positive impact on the value of the business. This is what we call the human multiple effect.

Our Team

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The Human Multiple

You don’t have to know it all. Nobody does.

If you are brave enough to show some more vulnerability to the people around you, you gain trust amongst your team members, which leads to a high performing team in a more human and safe environment.

We call that the Human Multiple effect.

On Leadership

We believe in the value of real leadership. Yet when we think of leadership, we are inclined to think of formal or functional leadership.

But we envision leadership differently – in a broader perspective. To us, leadership is about self-leadership. We champion self- leadership that’s based on self-awareness. A leadership, therefore, that is not preserved to an exclusive group. It is our deepest conviction that everyone has leadership potential and everyone has the opportunity to develop leadership. Why? Because of the simple truth that really everyone has the capability to take the lead over his or her personal life and work.

Leadership in these terms, however, does require what we call “the work”. It all begins with awareness, competence and practice. No walk in the park, but walk the talk!
At Fenix we do work and we make it work.

Our present world needs new leadership. Specifically this kind of leadership. A leadership of everyone, of the many instead of the few. Distributed and collective leadership.

So where does that leave “classic”, formal leadership? Oddly enough, in a more paramount space. Since it’s precisely the formal leaders that can and must make the first step. Hence, must lead in that sense.

By showing the world to act from love rather than fear. By showing to lead from possibility rather than frustration. By showing they dare to rely on others rather than merely on themselves.

Where formal leaders dare to change and embrace uncertainty rather than stick to the old and go for security; where formal leaders act from whole-hearted self-acceptance rather than half-hearted denial; from strength and from vulnerability – they are truly leading, living and lighting examples: showing us the way!! In trust and in truth.

That’s the work. Our work.

What our clients say about us

Fenix Leadership supported our management team during our exit process to a new owner. The four of us were responsible for running the business and selling the company, which sometimes felt like having two jobs at once. With Fenix, we extensively discussed how to work together best under pressure and were enabled to have important conversations about our collaboration during and after the exit. This strengthened our connection, helping us smoothly navigate the sales process and resulting in a wonderful new owner.
Jochem Kentgens
CEO FITZ (Parcom)
Bart Jan and Kasper have extensive experience in quickly grasping everything related to team dynamics, exposing the strengths and weaknesses of teams very clearly, and providing suggestions on how to deal with them. They do this in a pleasant and constructive manner. In (early-stage) investments, people and team dynamics are of great importance. Fenix is an important partner for us to make better investment decisions and get the best out of people.
Helmer Schukken
Managing Partner Rubio
We have received tremendous support from Fenix to further develop in the areas of management assessment, team building, and optimizing collaboration between the deal team and management. Fenix is not only a sharp sparring partner but also pays attention to the personal development of the people on our team. The experience and personal approach make us confident in recommending Fenix to any ambitious investor looking to further develop.
Thijs Friederich
Former Head Direct Investments, Rabobank
Fenix has greatly helped us as the Management Team of Euramax to come closer together and gain more awareness and insight into our own leadership. This has resulted in greater cohesion within the MT and better decisions regarding the strategic transformation that Euramax is currently undergoing. I would wholeheartedly recommend Fenix to any MT with the ambition to elevate their own leadership to a higher level.
Harmen Kruijt
CEO Euramax
Fenix leadership has hugely helped our management team transition from a group of individuals to a team. They have also helped us to identify our collective weak spots and to either develop there or to find new team members to strengthen our team in those areas. In both team and individual coaching settings, the Fenix team knows exactly the right, sometimes difficult, questions to ask, and by knowing us both as individuals and as a team well, always helps us to find new insights to help us move forward on complex issues.
Simon Bushell
Founder and CEO Sympower
Fenix supported us in several management assessments. They provide additional insights on individual team members, team dynamics and development opportunities. Fenix goes beyond the mere analysis and makes suggestions on how to deal with potential challenges within the team. The combination of extensive experience in the field and an open mindset makes Fenix a valuable partner for SHS. SHS is one of the leading healthcare investors in Europe committed to Building European Healthcare Champions.
David Wehner
Senior Investment Manager
Fenix Leadership assists the Executive Board of Yource in achieving goals by empowering our team members. Over the past few years, we have undergone a transition to focus even more on essentials.
Robin Jansen
Group CEO Yource