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Pre-deal Leadership Due Diligence

We assess the current state of the human capital of potential portfolio companies against the forward looking investment thesis. Our analysis helps accelerate value creation immediately post close. It also speeds up the creation of a high performing team.


Post-deal Leadership Due Diligence

A zero measurement tool to be able to get a clear view on the current state of the human capital of portfolio companies against the forward looking investment thesis as starting point for team development.


Leadership Transformation and Integration

Together with the investor, founder and management team we help to make the transition towards the next phase of growth. Aligning the strategy, team and leadership with the operating model. Supporting leaders in reflecting on their own role and on the most important topics within the organization.


Creating High Performing Teams

We assist teams to reach their goals, while creating a sustainable environment that cultivates long-term excellence and success. The team coaching process helps teams align around a common purpose, establish inspiring spirit and vision, define clear roles, commit to team accountability, make powerful choices and take affirmative action.


Investment Team Advisory

We support Investment Teams to professionalize the way they work together with their Management Teams. We gain valuable insights in how to get the best out of the Leaders and Management Teams they work with.
Improving the connection and cooperation on both sides. That is what we call maximizing the human multiple.


Leadership Development

We guide and/or facilitate the process which helps expand the capacity of current and future leaders to perform in leadership roles within their organization. This means intensive one on one coaching to find the answers to speed up your personal growth.


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Theory behind our Human Capital Approach

Lencioni model

The five behaviors Lencioni identified will result—if each is maximized—in a team that operates as efficiently and effectively as possible. The characteristics of a cohesive team are Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results.

Theory U

Theory U is a model for fundamental change. The principles of Theory U help leaders break through past unproductive behavioural patterns. The U-process allows people to look at complex issues in a different way. This results in new insights and profound transformation that is permanent.

Our Programmes

5 - 7 days leadership trails

As a CEO you are often alone in your leadership. Sparring and mirroring with the investor or the management team is not always without obligation. How do you do that, how do you keep the knife sharp when you are the knife yourself? Reflecting on your own leadership style and the strengths and weaknesses of the team or organization, is one of the most important priorities for current leaders. At the same time most leaders feel like they are firefighting constantly, which means they think they don’t have time to reflect. That is why we facilitate and organise leadership trails and have build a leadership program which support leaders to reflect, learn and make the right decisions. You will meet with other CEO's and Founders of portfolio companies who know the dynamics of PE/VC world. Leaders who, like you, want to develop, to get the most out of themselves.

Next trail: May 2023, Scotland
Target Group: Investors, Founders, CEO's CFO's of portfolio companies.

What our clients say about us

Fenix Leadership helpt de Executive Board van Yource met het behalen van doelen door onze teamleden in hun kracht te zetten. De afgelopen jaren zijn wij een transitie doorgegaan, zodat we nog meer focus hebben op hoofdzaken.
Robin Jansen
Group CEO Yource
Fenix supported us in several management assessments. They provide additional insights on individual team members, team dynamics and development opportunities. Fenix goes beyond the mere analysis and makes suggestions on how to deal with potential challenges within the team. The combination of extensive experience in the field and an open mindset makes Fenix a valuable partner for SHS. SHS is one of the leading healthcare investors in Europe committed to Building European Healthcare Champions.
David Wehner
Senior Investment Manager
Fenix leadership has hugely helped our management team transition from a group of individuals to a team. They have also helped us to identify our collective weak spots and to either develop there or to find new team members to strengthen our team in those areas. In both team and individual coaching settings, the Fenix team knows exactly the right, sometimes difficult, questions to ask, and by knowing us both as individuals and as a team well, always helps us to find new insights to help us move forward on complex issues.
Simon Bushell
Founder and CEO Sympower
Fenix heeft ons als MT van Euramax enorm geholpen om dichter bij elkaar te komen en meer bewustzijn en inzicht te krijgen in ons eigen leiderschap. Dit heeft geresulteerd in meer verbondenheid binnen het MT en betere beslissingen met betrekking tot de strategische transformatie waarin Euramax zich momenteel bevindt. Ik zou Fenix dan ook van harte aanbevelen aan eenieder MT met de ambitie om het eigen leiderschap naar een hoger niveau te brengen.
Harmen Kruijt
CEO Euramax (Parcom)
Wij hebben enorm veel steun gehad van Fenix om ons verder te ontwikkelen op het gebied van management assessment, teambuilding en het optimaliseren van de samenwerking tussen deal team en management. Fenix is niet alleen een scherpe sparringpartner maar heeft ook oog voor de persoonlijke ontwikkeling van de mensen uit ons team. De ervaring en persoonlijke aanpak maakt dat we Fenix kunnen aanbevelen voor iedere ambitieuze investeerder die zich verder wil ontwikkelen
Thijs Friederich
Head Direct Investments, Rabobank
During my first year in my first CEO role, Kasper provided me with intensive guidance both personally as well as my team where necessary and remotely when the situation was not appropriate, in a setting that was completely new to me.
Rogier Volmer
CEO Trust International (Egeria)
Bart Jan en Kasper hebben uitgebreide ervaring om alles dat met team
Helmer Schukken
Managing Partner Rubio
Fenix Leadership heeft ons als directie team ondersteund tijdens ons exit proces naar een nieuwe eigenaar. Met z’n vieren waren we verantwoordelijk voor het runnen van de business en het verkopen van de onderneming. Dat voelt zo nu en dan als twee banen tegelijkertijd. Met Fenix hebben we uitvoerig besproken hoe we onder druk het beste met elkaar konden samenwerken en werden we in staat gesteld om de belangrijke gesprekken te voeren over onze samenwerking tijdens en na de exit. De onderlinge verbinding werd daardoor versterkt, mede waardoor we soepel door het verkoop proces hebben kunnen gaan, met een mooie nieuwe eigenaar tot gevolg.
Jochem Kentgens
CEO Quoratio Groep (Parcom)